Android Handsets Pose Serious Threat to RIM’s BlackBerry Platform

More than 200,000 Android-based mobile phones are being purchased by consumer as well as business users, on an everyday basis, as per Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The rapid growth of the mobile OS and thousands of Android handsets in the market give a serious competition to Research In Motion's BlackBerry. The U. S. smartphone market is led by RIM, as it has a market share of more than 40%. On the other hand, Android and the Apple iPhone are gradually improving.

Android, iPhone and the upcoming Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 have more business-friendly features. Blackberry makes use of encrypted by utilizing industry-standard algorithms to encrypt all of its interactions. As per Forrester Research Analyst Andrew Jaquith, this is called the "gold standard" of safe devices for business.

Tom Goguen, RIM's Vice President of product management shares that managing mobile phones in the enterprise is no less than running desktop computers.

He said, “Having one PC (is easy), one person can keep track of it. But when you have a thousand or ten thousand of them, there's some work you've got to do”.

Personal and corporate data will be kept separate, in the upcoming versions of the BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 5 operating systems. Goguen further added that BlackBerry is very good at "preventing data leakage from the device”.