Apple Announces Software Fix For iOS Vulnerabilities

Apple, on Wednesday acknowledged the two security vulnerabilities in its iOS software, announcing that it has already developed a fix to deal with the issues. In addition, the technology giant has claimed that the fix will be made available to the customers in its software update to be launched soon.

However, no specific details were given on the release date.

The two security issues permit the jailbreaking of their iOS software, posted, the German Federal Office for Information Security, according to the New York Times.

Many early users of the browser-based jailbreak exploit brought issues with FaceTime and MMS services under the spotlight. The problems witnessed an immediate response by the iPhone Dev Team.

These issues have been hyped this week, midst many security Companies issuing notices for highlighting these vulnerabilities and tagging them as serious. Software that reads data formats as PDF files is reported to be susceptible to hit by such vulnerabilities and Apple has been successful in fixing such issues in OS X in the last few years.

On Wednesday, a German Government agency raised to issue warnings to the users to prevent opening PDF files on their devices, until they get a software fix.