Social Networks like Facebook Have Reduced the Time Spent on Checking E-Mails

According to a research, more and more people are devoting a lot of their internet time in browsing social networking sites like Facebook. While few years back, a person’s sole motto to go online was checking his email, the trend has now changed drastically.

New statistics from Nielsen reveal that while 8.3% of a person’s online time is used in checking his e-mails, 23% of the time is spend in social networking.

Video/movies (12%) and online games (10%) witnessed two-digit increases in their usage time.

Everybody is more into social networking these days for the simple reason that it helps to remain in touch with close ones, as well as those, who are just acquaintances. Once you log on to Facebook, you will be overwhelmed by the updates from all the people, who are in your friend list. And where you might be thinking of spending just ten minutes on the website, you end up surfing it for an hour or so.

While social networks can help in keeping a track of friends and relatives, who live far off from your reach, it limits the amount of time that one should spend with the ones who are living with you, like your immediate family.

Socializing is good as long as it doesn’t turn into an addiction.