Reach For The ‘Halo: Reach’

All the supporters of the Halo series and all the Bungie fans will now be credited with a ‘small visual flair’ from the game. With the release of the game’s last series, which is due on September 14, all the gaming freaks will be rewarded with a little bonus. ‘Halo: Reach’ is certainly going to be the biggest release ever with almost 2.7 million online gamers.

This reward, however, will only be received by those who happen to have an original copy of the ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ for the PC.

But it’s better if you don’t get too optimistic and begin to hope for something from the Halo 3's Recon armor variant, as it is certainly not a piece of armor or even something from the Armory.

Though Roger ‘Sawnose’ Wolfson has admitted that the Bungie has no such powers to decide if any of the players have a much admired and hip, Xbox version of the game but one thing is for sure that all the owners of the Halo 2 for the PC remain excluded.

The console owners too don’t stand a chance. Wolfson, by now, has made it very clear that the flair is "just a little indication that people have been part of a certain Halo community for a while”.

If you have ever happened to enter the multiplayer game lobby using your ‘Halo: Combat Evolved CD’ key, then you are technically in, says Wolfson. The sad part is that even if you have purchased Halo legally but have failed to validate it before May 26th, 2010, then you are disqualified.