Warren Buffett Helps Raise $4,500 for Charity

A big Dairy Queen ice-cream spoon bearing the signature of Warren Buffett was auctioned for $4,500 and the money will be given to charity. This is not the first time that Buffett has raised money for charity and he is well known for donating to various worthy causes.

EBay Inc. confirmed that 61 bids were received for the spoon since 21 July for the auction conducted on the Internet. The money raised will be given to Children’s Miracle Network, a charity that works to raise funds for children’s hospitals. There was no information on who was the winning bidder.

Warren Buffett is the third richest person in the world and he has already vowed to give 99% of his wealth to charity. Buffett is also working with Bill Gates to convince other billionaires to donate half of their wealth to charity. The efforts of Buffett and his support to charitable causes have received widespread acclaim from across the world. Many feel that the actions of Buffett are watched closely and he is a role model for many people.

Buffett also gave a donation of $1.6 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is named after Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. It mainly supports health and poverty alleviation programs and also supports various U.S. education projects.