Asian pest beetle discovered in UK

The Asian citrus longhorn beetle, which poses a lethal threat to trees, has been discovered in the UK.

Scientists have warned that the Asian citrus longhorn beetle could ravage country’s tree population. The beetle was first found in a primary school at Langham in Leicestershire, previous week.

According to the Food and Environment Research Agency, the beetle eats broad-leaved trees such as oaks and some kind of shrubs. An outbreak could destroy forests as well as horticultural industry in the country.

Scientists are searching the host tree and its neighboring trees for any more possible beetles.

Speaking on the issue, the Food and Environment Research Agency said, said, “To rule out the existence of an established colony of this pest, we need to look at all possible host plants within a 100-yard radius of the original finding, including private gardens.”

Members of the public are being urged to report immediately on spotting the black insects, which long antennae with blue or white rings.

The Asian citrus longhorn beetle can be up to one-and-a-half inches long, with black and white marking and antennae. Adults lay eggs under bark. But, larvae are difficult to spot as they bore into wood and takes four years to develop.